About Fundi Bots

Fundi Bots was founded on the belief that Africa needs a local and social approach to its technical problems. We want to focus on the promotion, exposure, experimentation and technological growth in the fields of electronics and robotics.


Our objective is to use technology to sensitize and create and awareness in young children about the benefits of technology in day to day life. By doing this, we also aim to promote early stage career development in technology and related fields.
To achieve this, we want to:

1. Create A Place for Learning

We want to build a place where passionate African children can learn, grow and experiment with machines, gadgets and technology with no obligations. A place where curiosity is fostered and nourished, where failure is embraced as part of a learning process, where learning is purely through the science of experimentation and finally, where ideas, however crazy, are listened to and explored without bias or prejudice.

2. Create an Environment of Collaboration

We want to create an environment that fosters collaboration on both social and commercial solutions to these problems from a purely African perspective. We want to do this through tapping into our local talent?pool both in and out of academia.

Our strategy

For a long time, we believed that something like this required huge budgets and fancy, expensive equipment, large office/workshop spaces and unbelievable logistics.

But over the last few years, we have seen the power of social collaboration, and we have seen the internet used as a tool to promote and empower the smallest of people and the humblest of goals.

We have seen people rally together to build open?source tools and technology and bring this same technology to the masses. And we have learned one fundamental thing; as individuals, we can only do so much, but the internet has made the world smaller, and closer, and we believe that with your help, we can make this dream a reality.

There is a saying in Africa that goes: “It takes a village to raise a child.” We want to use this approach to gain from the collective intellectual and financial resources of the Global Village to bring technological growth to Africa.

So the strategy we have chosen is to build Fundi Bots through a concerted social effort, both local and international. With the help of donations from individuals and organizations, we believe that can build a sustainable organization that will have long?term and widespread impact on the lives of many children and youth in Uganda, and in other developing countries.

Links & Stuff

We've listed some useful places, contacts, friends, vendors and sponsors below. We hope you find them useful.


  • The Rogue King Founder’s blog. Rants and raves about everything and nothing.



  • Google RISE. We won a grant from these awesome folk!
  • Node Six Generously providing hosting, design & maintenance for Fundi Bots.
  • Spark Fun Have given us lots of awesome education dev kits.


  • Solarbotics Vendors of some seriously cool electronics and robotics parts.
  • SparkFun They sell electronics but they are also passionate tinkerers.