How to Help

We are glad you’re interested in helping. Our dream is big, but the only way to build a house is one brick at a time. We need any kind of help, whether you are good at electronics and can give teaching time or if you can simply help raise awareness about Fundi Bots.

Donations & Sponsorships

Our most immediate need is financial, because, quite frankly, this stuff is expensive. Very expensive. If you can help us purchase and ship electronics components from different vendors, you will have saved us a ton of money, and we will be extremely grateful. Click here for more information on Donations & Sponsorships.

To see the stuff we need, download the Fundi Bots Profile + Budget (2754) then if you would like to help, drop us a line, we’ll give you the details.

Other ways to help

Buy / Send us electronics components.

You can use either SparkFun, Solarbotics or Jameco, our preferred vendors. Feel free to buy us anything (related to electronics and robotics, of course), we appreciate whatever we get.

We’ve set up public Wishlists with Sparkfun, so you can see what we need, and let us know what you’d like to get us.

Buy / Send us books / Magazines, etc

There are hundreds of books we could use in our library, but we can’t get them as fast as we’d like. Books like Forest M Mimms’ Getting Started in Electronics and Make: Electronics (Learning By Discovery) would make a good collection. So would any book on Arduino, Programming, Human-Machine interactions, etc. Again, feel free to buy us anything (related to electronics and robotics, of course), we appreciate whatever we get. However, for more practical reasons, contact us and we’ll let you know what would be immediately beneficial.


We’d like to setup a programming / application development lab interfacing with various platforms like Arduino, Android, Assembly, etc. The kind of computers we need are not high-end, so they should be in the $300 to $500 range per unit. We’re looking to use Linux variants to keep everything simple and affordable. We cannot do robotics without a programming environment for the students, so this is extremely important. So far the lab has an old laptop and desktop, both of which are provided by the founder.


Help us spread this little project, and hopefully, we will get more traction from the exposure, and perhaps encourage other people to start similar clubs around Africa. You can “Like” or link to our Facebook Page, or follow us on Twitter for updates (@fundibots)

You tell us!

What can you do for us? And what can we, in return do for you? Ideas are plenty, and we grow by learning from others, so we welcome suggestions and discussions from everywhere.

Links & Stuff

We've listed some useful places, contacts, friends, vendors and sponsors below. We hope you find them useful.


  • The Rogue King Founder’s blog. Rants and raves about everything and nothing.



  • Google RISE. We won a grant from these awesome folk!
  • Node Six Generously providing hosting, design & maintenance for Fundi Bots.
  • Spark Fun Have given us lots of awesome education dev kits.


  • Solarbotics Vendors of some seriously cool electronics and robotics parts.
  • SparkFun They sell electronics but they are also passionate tinkerers.